Why do you need verification and confirmation of your Real-Status?

Meets.com – takes care of the comfort and the safety of its users.

You can be sure that, while communicating with the user who has "Real" status, this is really that person, who he or she claims to be.

Real-status confirmation is presented primarily in the users' interests of the site meets.com and aims to ensure that all members of our site have no doubt that they are socializing with real people, not a robot or a fraud. The photo, which you were asked to upload with the aim of confirmation, isn’t stored in your gallery, and is deleted immediately after confirmation by the moderator.

Due to Real-status your online communication will be even more secure, confidential and effective. Because for the users, confirmed as real persons, having real profiles the probability of having positive results on the site increases several times.

Of course, for the time you’ve spent on your profile confirmation, you will get certain benefits. Your profile is displayed at the top of the search results and other users will trust you more when choosing a partner. If you really have the intention to meet new people for joint trips and meetings, we recommend you confirm your profile.

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